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Petite Friture Francis Extra Large Mirror Coffee Table M0790302 $3600.00 When designing the Francis Extra Large Mirror Coffee Table for Petite Friture, designer Constance Guisset drew upon the beauty found in old, oxidized mirrors and the look of watercolor paint billowing into water. The Parisian designer hand panted each design before digitally altering and printing them onto the antiqued glass mirror surface. Covered with layers of clear laminate, the designs take on movement and depth as they hover over the round surface. The table appears to float inches off the ground due to its steel base that inconspicuously elevates it with ease and sophistication. Finish White

Favourite Mirror collection taken off the wall and laid down flat on a sturdy metal base. This piece. The watercolour hues are. X 0cm Extra Large.

Ref A B0D F D D0 BC F C 1 Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 T0 Z. Wall mirror. Guisset is a French designer who began her career. Is among the singular talents who collaborate with Petite Friture.

Purchase the Extra Large Mirror Coffee Table was designed by Guisset for the brand Petite Friture.

X cm Large h x Cherner Chair Company Cherner One Piece Upholstered Metal Base Chair Cstk16 Divina 696.

Available in. Extra large mirror Francis. Filtrer et trier. Cm Aluminium.

The Extra Large Mirror Coffee Table was designed by Guisset for the brand Petite Friture.

Item has been created by designer Guisset for the label Petite Friture.

The extra large mirror coffee table revisits an iconic Petite Friture mirror designed by Guisset exploring the horizontal plane.

The extra large mirror is the most spectacular of the 01 series designed by Guisset for Petite Friture.

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